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Why can’t I find a church? Have you asked this question lately?  I have not found a church since we left the last church we attended. (Long story).  God was not kidding when He said, “a famine in the land, not of bread or of water, but of the Word of God.”  We have long since searched for a people, not a place, but a people, whose hearts have been transformed by the same Lord, same Gospel that has changed our lives and made us new creatures in Christ Jesus.  I often hear the phrase, “There are no perfect churches….”  Ok.  I get that.  Does that excuse the blatant apostasy being preached from the pulpits, or the lack of true born again, Holy Spirit filled Christians in the ‘churches’ today?  

This comment has always angered me.  Does anyone care why this is happening, not just to my family, but all over the country, the world?  I suppose that the mentality is, ‘It’s not happening RIGHT here, so it doesn’t matter.”  I guess that’s why we don’t hear anyone mentioning the mass execution of Christians in Nigeria, Sudan, Vietnam, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc.  No one wants to think or PRAY about it, after all, “It’s not happening, HERE.”  

We are often told, “We are in the last days, and there’s going to be a great falling away….”  Does anyone care or know what this looks like?  It’s not going to happen, it IS happening, right before my eyes and I’ve only been saved a short time.  If I had been told in 2003 the things that are happening and have happened since then, in and out of the church, I would not have believed it.  Yes, this is the problem, unbelief.  I would like ONE pastor to stand up and address what we the church of Jesus Christ is supposed to do DURING persecution and IN the midst of the great falling away.  ONE>  give me one MAN who will speak the TRUTH in the midst of conformity and compromise. 

Anyone? Anyone?  Anyone?  yeah.  “Church” has become a multi-billion dollar industry, marketed around the ‘felt needs of people.’  Well I have a need, His Name is JESUS. And let me clue you all in, you need Him too.  The church is rich, but really they are sick and poor, blind and naked.  They hunger but are not filled, thirst, but cannot drink, because they keep going to the dry wells of false prophets in sheep’s clothing who speak great swelling words of vanity.  

“there are no perfect churches….”  Well, my Bible says differently.  The Church should at least be SAVED.  Ya know?  remember SALVATION?  And should at least preach the TRUTH….. We are indeed a needy people, wholly illiterate.  We don’t even know what has been hidden and stolen from us, that’s how blind we are.  

Men in high places, with long tassels and titles, have stolen the Word from our pulpits once again, and we didn’t even need an Inquisition to do it.  There is a blessing in that kind of persecution (the Inquisition), because of the press, but no, we are being ‘given over’ to a slumber, a blindness, and willfully:  the leaders go after it like they have stumbled on some great treasure, when really they are inches from the Abyss.  

I am speaking of the men who designed the Word of God (the new ‘translations and transliterations’) to fit their version of God’s Holy Gospel.  They don’t want a bleeding Cross, a Cross of suffering, a Cross that we must share in and die with Christ….they want a glossy Americanized air-conditioned, microwaved and reconstituted, ‘gospel’ that doesn’t require any kind of faith, just your 400 bucks a month tithe and regular church attendance. 

I am sickened by the APATHY of the teachers (so-called) who sit in Moses’ seat and know it not!! They do not teach, and have indeed no regard whatsoever for “THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH”.  They have no regard for the SANCTITY of HOLY SCRIPTURE, neither do they truly regard the sheep of God or the BLOOD of Christ.  They insist that power is in their structure and doing, and not in HIS BLOOD, HIS DOING.  And they insist that lack of participation in their ideas, philosophies, and moral fascades denies one entry to the Kingdom of God. 

Thus, there is no compassion for the thirsty, for the weary.  There is no compassion for the HOUSE OF GOD which is laid waste!!!! Men are building their castles only to be burned up in the FIRE that is coming!  

This trial has been going on for a long time.  And my only crime against the ‘there’s no perfect church’ crowd, is that I see no reason to compromise the TRUTH of God’s Word delivered unto me by the Blood and Body of Christ — the Word!  And I see no reason to fellowship with darkness.  Apostasy is darkness!!!!  Decay and leaven!   

I remember reading a post on someone’s FB wall, referring to some false doctrine.  The dear sister said, “I wonder if my pastor is aware of this…”  Then the thought occurred to me that men do not just happen upon false doctrine.  It’s leaven and like any leaven, it must begin somewhere.  They must be taught it and in turn teach it.  Leaven must be swallowed and accepted before it can fully leaven the dough.  

Lack of discernment is costly—- because the teachers who are supposed to teach the Word rightly divided, disregard the admonitions of the Lord. The voice of the Lord is replaced by men.  Be not conformed to the world, but be ye rather transformed by the renewing of your mind in Christ, through Christ, and by Christ!!!  The world is steeped in idolatry and perversion.  Soon the iniquity that is hidden in the cities will spill out into the streets and then there will be no stopping force powerful enough (save God alone) who can right the evil that will ensue.  The angels visited Lot in that same moment in Sodom and Gomorrah. Do we hear a sermon on this?  NO!!! The pulpits are silent and sit idle as the world sinks down into HELL!  People are not even hearing the truth anymore! They cannot read it for themselves, because the TRUTH has been hidden in things called ‘Christian Living’ books, self-help seminars and new ‘translations’ that completely excise the BLOOD of Jesus, the Truth, the Holiness of Christ and God, etc. from the text.  Go try to find a Greek bible in your local ‘Christian bookstore’.  I dare you to find more than 2.  Where are they?
 Look at all the information available, and yet, most Christians cannot quote 5 verses from the Bible or share their ‘testimony’ with the lost.  It’s all about joining their ‘church’.  Look, if you are not saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, (initial infilling denotes Salvation), washed in the Blood of Jesus by FAITH, get on your knees today my friend and ask the Lord Jesus to save you, because it won’t be too much longer until we see His soon return.  

If your pastor doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, JESUS and SATAN, then I suggest to you that you need to run for your life, lest you also go headlong over the cliff!  

Apostasy must be confronted with the TRUTH of the WORD OF GOD.  Please pray for us as we press.  

<>< Crystal 

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