Cry Aloud and Spare Not.

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Cry aloud and spare not.  

Do we do this?  I remember sitting in a bible study once and someone piped up, “I think that we need to live a ‘good Christian life’ and when people see our lives, they will look at that and want to get saved.”  Ok.  I thought to myself, “I wonder what Paul would have said to that?”  So I said to him, “What would the world be like, if Paul had thought that?”  If it’s only about living a ‘good life’, but we never say anything about  the hope that lies within us, then it’s nothing.   

Cry aloud and spare not, for the Lord God in Heaven will not spare in the Day.  You know, I was listening to a David Wilkerson sermon the other day, called, “Get Right With God.”  I got convicted.  He said something like, “If you are hardened in your heart to God’s voice, then you’ve picked the wrong day my friend to go that way.” or something like that. And his reason was that (and very true this is) there is no fear of God anymore.  People do not fear God.  In general I would say yes.  But I would also say that Jesus has not appeared yet, and therefore, the time is not quite yet.  “We’ll work til Jesus comes, we’ll work til Jesus comes, we’ll work til Jesus comes and then be gathered home!” 


There seems to be a clarion call (right word??) right now in our nation for some kind of repentance.  I say AMEN!!! Repent.  Amen!  but I don’t know if people even know what that means really.  I used to think it meant practicing rote prayers, but that’s not it.  I used to think that if I drank from a communion cup that I was ‘somehow’ cleansed from my sins, or ‘in’ like Flint and out of ‘danger’ of God’s wrath.  What I did not understand or know was that I was only fooling myself.  I was fooled, but God was not.  

God sees the heart of man, while man looks on the outward appearance.  It used to be a common saying, ‘the clothes do not make the man.’  Whatever happened to that saying???  It’s TRUE!  Sort of goes along with ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing.’  Just because someone looks the part does not, and I cannot stress this enough, DOES not mean that they are what they seem to be. 

I guess that’s how it was with me, and frankly, that’s the condiiton of most in the churches today.  I just read an ‘article’ (using that term very loosely) on about Billy Graham saying that this is America’s ‘final call’ for repentance.  Uh, duh!!! Really?  Thanks for sharing.  SMH! for real.  So he wants to get a bunch of people together and gather in their homes (ummmm, we’re already doing that, b/c ummm, the churches don’t even preach JESUS CHRIST, you know that guy who died for our sins and stuff? yeah HIM, They don’t like to preach the WORD of GOD anymore, just their own ‘carefully crafted’ sermons (also using that term loosely) from ‘’ and the like) — but I digress…So Graham is saying, ‘we’ll all get together and gather in homes and ‘repent’ in front of our tvs.’  why does everything have to be a ‘multi-media’ event?  I guess we’d really be up a creek (sorry for the bad cliche) if the power went out wouldn’t we?  It’s just so ‘overdone’.  Whatever happened to going to a church, and (sans light show and the yada yada) the people gathered together to pray at the altar?  I have never seen this.  I am 33.  Never. seen. this. practiced. in. church.  I am not talking about the 10 min. altar call during service, I mean a PRAYER meeting.  

I have been saying this for YEARS!!!! So glad that Billy Graham is on board here peeps, but ya know, the clock is ticking.  The other issue is that old idea sticks around.  What do I need?  What do people really need?  Is it so easy to just turn the tv  on and do the whole repent thing and then go on with your life?  Is that it?  really, cause I would have to say, yes and no.  Yes, we can come to Jesus anytime, and if we are sincere in our hearts, He hears us.  But that is the attitude of the heart, a repentant heart, a broken heart and contrite spirit.  Humble and yielded to God through Christ.  

There is a great need in this day for the wilderness preacher.  The one who is not afraid to speak the truth, no matter the audience.  He/she calls it like they see it from the Word of God ONLY and not to please or mingle with religious fodder (ie the Pharisees and Sadducees).  One who has been tested, tried in the FIRE and who still points people to Jesus Christ, ‘the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.’  Notice, he said, ‘I must decrease, He must increase.”  It was not a few months later, and John had lost his head.  John lost his head because he was a prophet of God that spoke up about a sin that had been committed by Herod the Tetrarch.  But you know what?  Herod at first gladly heard and ‘observed’ what John had said, but not in this case.  Herod’s ‘wife’ was filled with wrath, and against his own conscience, without fear of God, Herod killed John.  What kind of repentance can one get from a blood thirsty dog?  He was remorseful, but that’s it.  Jesus said, “Beware the leaven of Herod.”  Why did He say this?  Never heard a sermon on this BTW brothers and sisters.  N.e.v.e.r.  Anywhoo, Herod was wealthy and affluent, powerful, a men pleaser, double tongued politician that filled his belly and thought only of his own way.  Self-indulgent and hypocritical, his faith rivaled that of Judas, who was quick to betray (NO FEAR OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD).  Betraying John, God’s prophet, then killing him, was on par with Judas.  It was. think. about. it.  I believe that if Jesus says we need to beware of something we should ‘beware!’  

Anyway, too tired to continue this, so off to bed.  G’night and remember, Repentance comes from the heart and you don’t have to be in a church setting to repent.  He’s waiting to hear from you tonight! just call on JESUS! 🙂 <><


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