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All the tithes and offerings have been paid for you already by Christ Jesus and His blood.  What is left is the free will offering – a gift out of love and worshipful adoration toward Christ.  The tithe for Abraham was not done out of constraint.  “Many will say, “The tithe existed before the Law, therefore we are not  preaching that you must tithe out of ‘Law-keeping”’– but they are lying.  They forget to mention it was a free will offering because Abraham loved Me, saith the Lord.  I have not constrained my people to give according to the Law of moses, for if this was so, it would not have been finished on the Cross of Calvary so many years ago, but the requirement of the Law would still be enforced.  I have called my people to a feast, not of striving or of flesh, but of Peace.  I have paid the tithe, the Temple tax for you, my people.  What you give, give liberally after the manner of Abraham, not after the manner of the Sadducees and Pharisees, who forgot my Law, and exchanged it for man’s traditions and men pleasing.  Faith is what is required in the sacrifice, not only the sacrifice.  Therefore, the Lord would say to you,” Believe on me and trust my Word, give joyfully and not with constraint, nor out of ‘duty’ for this duty to me is fulfilled in Christ”.

He has been the one who has obeyed faithfully, not us!  Let us give as an act of worship, in sincerity and truth, not with feigned words or for the appearance of things before men.  But when you give, give in secret, that your Father in Heaven would see these things and reward you openly for them.  Do not sound a trumpet before you, as is the manner of the Pharisees and Sadducees, for they love to stand in the corners and pray, but they have their reward.  Seek after Me says the Lord, and I will fill your houses.  “There is one account that has been fulfilled, and that is the account of my Son Christ Jesus.  If your name is written down in His book, you are free from the Law.”

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