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The ‘social gospel’, so-called, is not a ‘gospel’. We do not serve God through ‘service to our fellow man’ but through faith in Christ Jesus and His Blood, His Cross. When the preachers lose sight of TRUTH, apostasy, death and hell follow. It’s interesting that there are so many parallels between the modern ‘preachers’ in ‘seeker sensitive’ churches and this man, whose mouth was an open sepulcher. At one point, Jones threw out the Bible entirely, proclaiming that he and his people didn’t need God or His Word anymore. Then they all moved to Guyana and had their children murdered by Jim right before their eyes. Only 10-15 people escaped that place with their lives, but they lost everything. One man’s wife and infant son were murdered, forced to drink the koolaid laced with poison. There is no greater evil than a man who perverts God’s Word for his own gain.




I’ve received over 1,000 comments directed at me, 90% of them being negative because I called out Pastor Joel Osteen for what I believe he truly is – a wolf in sheeps clothing. I make no apologies for my statement. But let me share with you this short story about a man named Jim.

Jim was a charismatic young Pentecostal preacher who preached the gospel throughout the midwest who lived in Indianapolis. Jim managed to develop a unique style of preaching in the late 50’s and early 60’s that earned him the title of a prophet. Jim saw many people saved and healed starting out in his early days of ministry.

In the late 1950’s, Jim (23 yrs old at the time) established a Pentecostal church in the heart of Indianapolis called the People’s Temple. The Pentecostal Denominations from the A/G to COG stood back SILENTLY as Jim gained…

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