My Testimony

Unbelief, Positive Confession and other lies the Devil told me….

Ephesians 5:6 – 13

“Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light. (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.”

Before I was saved, when I was a teenager, I became involved in the occult. I used to perform Tarot Card readings. I had a friend that joined a coven of Wiccan witches. This happened after I met her. I used to go to this shop that the head witch owned and hang out with her, because that’s where she worked. Then I began to learn about witchcraft. Witches operate on a set of beliefs (if you can call it that) that if they say something enough and want it enough then it will happen. The practitioners of this abomination believe in this so-called spiritual law of positive confession even if they don’t call it that, that’s what it is. It is almost like the Hindu belief of Karma. Basically, if you do good, then good will be done to you, ie. Things will go your way. If you do bad, then bad things will happen to you. Positive confession is only positive on the basis of the adherent’s own thinking. Meaning, if John Doe has a positive confession of getting a new cadillac, and he gets one, who is that benefiting? So in John Doe’s mind, he must think positively (in his own self interest) and speak positively. A lot of poor people are sucked into the ‘prosperity’ side of this false gospel, but it’s still just Word of Faith.

I actually saw this ridiculous practice and partook of it. I am so glad that the Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven me of all my sins! A couple of years ago I met a woman who seemed to be a devout follower of Jesus Christ. She was also a devout follower of Rodney Howard-Browne. This is where I was introduced to his church which is in Tampa, Florida. She said that she would frequently have prayer meetings in her house with a few other Christians and it seemed good to me that I could meet with other ladies in her home and “pray” and discuss “the things of God”.

I began attending a few meetings, which happened late at night, in her home. Weird things began to happen. But I will get to that in a moment. I was at this time seeking God about moving and buying a house. It didn’t really seem that we would be able to buy a house anytime soon because the real estate was so expensive in our city. We decided to move to the country but we were asking God to lead us to the right place. After telling this woman (I will call Sally) that I was praying about this, she said that she would ask the Lord about this for me. Oh, I almost forgot. She had some kind of belly shaking phenomenon every time that the “spirit” (supposedly the Holy Spirit) would either speak to her or she would “feel” the annointing.

The second part is that one day she said, “Let’s go for a drive. I know there’s a road in a nearby town where there’s a lot of houses for sale, and it’s in the country.” I said, ok. But she had also said that God had told her that our house was on that road. I was like, “yeah right,” but I said, “Ok.” So, we went for a drive. She drove my car and I got a really bad feeling about that. I was afraid of this woman; I didn’t trust her. That should have been my clue and my exit stage left, but I wanted to be sure. So we were driving along this road and then all of a sudden she turns into a property and says, “this is the one.” I never would’ve thought that we could ever afford that house. I said, ok. But in my heart and spirit, I didn’t believe it. I thought she was crazy. She urged me to get out of the van and “claim this land for me in Jesus’ name.” I thought, “Isn’t that witchcraft?” but I didn’t want to seem rude, so I got out of the van and prayed a short prayer. I knew that there was no way that we could afford that house. That’s when the lie began.

At this point there was definitely another spirit hanging around me feeding my flesh and mind with ideas that were not of God and it actually faked being the Holy Spirit. Meaning, I thought I was praying to God and it would masquerade itself as the Holy Spirit and I would think things in my mind and think that it was God speaking to me. The Lord Jesus Christ does speak to His children, but it’s done according to His Word and by His Word. The Spirit of the Lord never contradicts the Word of God and only works within the Finished Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. We are admonished to try the spirits for many false prophets have gone out into the world (1John 4:1). This is where I failed. The spirits are tried by the Word of God, ie. Jesus Christ. The Word also says in verse 3 that every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and is in fact the spirit of anti-Christ.

I was so deceived at this point, but it was a willful deception. What I mean is that I knew in my heart and knew enough of the Word of God that what I was hearing in the spirit was contradictory to the Word, but I wasn’t sure I was right. To be quite honest, I was walking in my own understanding and thus in the flesh. One of the works of the flesh is heresy which is departure from God’s Word of Truth.

I also wanted to believe that my sister Sally was really a good person and that the direction I was going in was the right one because she was going in that direction. We must never lean on our own understanding and we must ever look to the Cross of Jesus Christ, because He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. If your brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son, cousin, husband or wife is going in another direction opposite or opposed to the Cross, you must still walk the Way of the Cross, following Jesus Christ, taking up your cross and denying yourself. We cannot judge our way based on someone else’s faith or decisions.

Even though at this time I knew that the Lord was not pleased with my association with her and would not work in the following way, I continued to be curious about Rodney Howard-Browne and this woman and her practices. I remember one day (after the car ride) hearing this deceiving spirit to go buy a lotto ticket. I never gamble and never buy lotto tickets. I thought this was a sin. That was my thought, but wanting money and needing a miracle, I was willing to believe this spirit. It was strange. I knew it was wrong, but I honestly wasn’t sure if it was God or not. So, I obeyed this other spirit and bought a lotto ticket.

Looking back, I can see clearly what was going on with me. I can see clearly that I was lusting after money and was willing to listen to Satan to satisfy this lust of the flesh. Then, I had no idea what was going on. I just wasn’t sure. So, I told Sally what I was going to do, hoping that maybe she had heard from God about this as well or that she would offer some rebuke, but she said, “yea, go buy me one too.” Well, of course I didn’t win. Thank you Jesus!

The final straw in this relationship with this woman was that after being truly warned by the Holy Spirit not to go to her house, I went. I was told by the true Holy Spirit, not to enter into her house. I remember pleading with God to let me go there, because I really wanted to see my friend. After much pleading He said, “Ok, but He didn’t want me to.” Ya know, I have learned that if God Almighty doesn’t want you to go somewhere, you really should listen to Him. But He will not work against your will. If you want to sin, He will let you. So this was my sin.

We talked for a while, and then she was saying that I might “have a spirit” of some sort, ( I don’t remember what the problem was) because I was struggling with some sort of sin issue. She wanted to pray for me. She then began to pray in tongues, shake, and lay hands on me. And it was strange. I heard this deceiving spirit say, “cough” so I coughed. I told her about it and she was like, “Yes, that’s good, keep coughing until it’s all out.” I was thinking to myself, “This is ridiculous. Why am I doing this? I know that I am not demon possessed. I am saved! Why would God ask me to cough? What’s going on?” I was frustrated. I did feel at peace the whole time this was taking place, but I have to believe that it was God’s Grace that had covered me and was giving me peace. It’s only the Grace of God that brought me out of my sin, deception and depravity. Praise God!

So the praying was over and I wanted to run out of there. I was thinking, “what did I just do?” and “Why didn’t I listen to God?” Why did I go in there?” I got to my car and she came up to the window. She was talking to me and I literally saw in a vision ( I believe was of the Lord) a monstrous version of her lunging out at me wanting to kill and destroy me and my family. It really freeked me out and I never went back to her house. I never called her again. I believe the Lord let me see the spirit that is behind her and in her, quite frankly. There’s a little more to tell.

I mentioned Rodney Howard-Browne before. One could write a doctoral dissertation on the evil lies that this one man has perpetrated (well really it’s Satan). It seems that most of the lying wonders in the church today that are inspired by demon spirits come from this man. Sally had told me that you could watch him and his services on the internet. So I starting watching his services on a weekly basis, (the height of which came during my association with Sally).

I became fascinated and curious about this supposed anointing that would cause people to laugh hysterically, jirate, lose all self control, and fall over backwards. I wondered if it was real, and thought that if it was God, then why was it so strange and why didn’t those kind of things happen to me. I watched about 15 services and told my husband that I thought we should go for a visit. He had watched a couple of them with me and was wondering why I was watching that stuff. I told him I was curious. My husband, (Praise the Lord!) said that after praying about it, he didn’t feel right about it. He said no. I was so mad at him! I remember yelling at him, (real Godly behavior right?) and being really steamed at him, but knew that I needed to submit to him and trust God. I am so thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful man who knows the Lord Jesus Christ and I know that it was only God’s Grace that kept me from absolute destruction.

The pastor and ministers at the church that we went to knew that Sally was not ok. There was obviously something wrong with her because she seemed to just act weird, but they didn’t confront the wrong doctrine in the sermons or services, because by default, they were adherents to the same beliefs as her. That’s why they didn’t rebuke her. They had associated themselves with Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, and I am sure, quite a few others. A house divided cannot stand.

I had told the pastor what the Lord had shown me and he admonished me to tell her what the Lord had shown me. I think he felt good, because he didn’t have to confront anything (they only confronted when they would gain something from it), he could just send me. So I did eventually tell her what the Lord had shown me, but I didn’t do it the right way. I don’t know. I know I messed it up. I ask God to forgive me. What I said to her didn’t help her, is what I mean, because I didn’t sit down with the Word of God and really talk about what happened and why it was wrong and that I had to repent of the evil that I had done and had included her in. I was afraid and I was in bondage and didn’t have a clear understanding of the scripture. While I knew that what she was doing and believing was wrong, I was doing the same things by default. I had put myself under law and thus bondage.

I knew there were things that were wrong with what was being taught in our church, but didn’t know what. I honestly couldn’t see it. I couldn’t identify why it was wrong from the Word of God, because they used the Word of God to back up everything that they did. It is this way with all false doctrine. Religion is the fig leaf of man. It was like I was a doctor looking at all of the symptoms of some kind of deadly disease, but couldn’t diagnose what it was. There was something missing.

This is the clearest example of the seducing spirit that I have seen and experienced.  Thank God for the Cross!  Thank you Jesus for forgiving me of this gross sin!  Thank you Lord!



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  1. Monte

    Hello Sister…Like your Testimony of things that are going on in these Churches, that bring Glory to man. They are all Exalting men, and that is Idolatry; and following the Deeds, and Doctrines of men. That Nicolaitane Spirit in the Churches, that Jesus said; HE HATED! The Word means “Authority over Laity” which is a Control Freak Spirit, that wants to Rule over Others! The LORD Jesus in 3 John, also through John exposed a Diotrephes Spirit, that wanted to have the Preeminence in the Church. Both of these Proud Fleshly Sensual Spirits, Permeate the Atmosphere in most churches. The LORD Jesus has called me to Preach Open Air on Universities, and Streets. The LORD has been Faithful in being my Comforter, and Teacher! If they are not Building their Church on the Personal Revelation of Christ being the Son of the Living GOD (Matthew 16:16), it is all based on the Sandy Soil of men trying to Build the House of God, for HIM. The Father God needs to reveal this to each member in the Body of Christ Personally, as it was Revealed to Peter in this Passage. For all other Ground is Sinking Sand! The Church will become Dead of “Spirit, and Life”; and Lukewarm in Leaving their First Love. Christ must remain the Head of the Church, or Man will begin to take the precedence in the Whole of Affair. Which will eventually make it an “Abomination of Desolation” Standing in some Holy Place. With man getting the GLORY, and Not Jesus Christ, and HIM Only. LORD Jesus have Mercy on your Servants in the Midst of this Nation, that Ever Learns to Play Church; and Manufacture Doctrines of men. Ever Learning, and never able to come to the Knowledge of the Living God, and Really Know HIM. God Bless, and Keep You Sister…monte

    • saltyforjesus

      Hallelujah! I truly believe that. Men are busy building their kingdoms, when they were never told to do so. They should be about building the kingdom of God, but instead, they are in essence competing with the Holy Spirit. We must pray for our brethren and love them, but the time is short. We must be about our Father’s business!

      • saltyforjesus

        BTW, Monte, that word “Nicolaitine” was exactly what the Holy Spirit had said about our former church. Thanks for your comment and I will be praying for you! 🙂

  2. fite4truth

    Hey Salty interesting testimony. Glad you were brought out of that.

  3. Monte

    Hello Sister in Christ…An Message I just sent out, to my contacts! God Bless, and Keep You…monte / Hello All…Yea! all this Stuff of New Age coming into the Congregations now, with this Contemplative Prayer, and Emerging Church, and Pseudo Spirituality. According to the Great Whore’s Abominations, coming into the Holy Place! As well as these End Times Dispensational, Preterist, and Pre Tribulation Rapture, Etc. “Mumbo Jumbo” False Prophets coming upon Churchland USA! They are all going to be in for a Surprise; when they are not Raptured out of here. As “Great Tribulations” come to this Nation, and World! Or like the Preterists; they think it all took place back in 70 AD; and now Satan is Bound, and we are just Fleshing it out on Planet Earth! Well, so it goes with all these “Vain Imaginations” of Interpreting Scriptures, and not waiting upon the LORD to Reveal these Things in HIS Time. Most of the Church World is impatient, in wanting their Pastors to Reveal these Hidden Meanings to Scriptures!

    Is it the HOLY GHOST Teaching, and Leading them into all TRUTH? When all these Congregations have to have their “Ears Itched” by the Newest Fancy that Comes Along! When in reality it was Manufactured by the Mindful Imaginations of Men! That wanted to Appease their Intellect, by having all these “End Time Events” put Together for them. So they can have some Packaged Version of the Holy Bible in their Minds! Having Neither been Led by the HOLY GHOST to Reveal these Things to them Personally. Nor, even having the HOLY GHOST in the First Place; that is Teaching, and Leading them into All TRUTH. For they have been Bought, and Paid For; by some Seducing “Religious Spirit” that Came along for them. Therefore making the Reading of the Holy Bible more Palatable for their Intellect, and Compromising for their Flesh.

    Where are the Proclaimers of the Gospel out in the Market Place? Are they all Hiding in their Closets; and Allowing the Homosexuals to come out of their Closets, and Proclaim their Gospel to the masses! So much for Churchland USA; it is looking more like the “Abomination of Desolation” Standing in some Holy Place, to this Servant. No wonder God has to Send “Great Tribulations” upon this Continent, and the World in General. In order to sort out the True Servants of the Most High; from those who would be Following all these “False Prophets” in the End. The LORD Jesus is Good, and Greatly to be Praised…Amen, and Amen! Keep on Pressing into HIS Kingdom, for it is At Hand! Open for those who Desire to Worship HIM in “SPIRIT, and TRUTH”.

    For those TRUE Followers of the Messiah; who have come out of “Babylon Principalities”! The TRUE “Called Out Ones” (Church); that will not be Following the Vain Traditions of Men, and their Vain Imaginations. For God’s TRUE Servants, will not be Following the Dictates of any man; with their “Men Pleaser” Mentality, and Systems of “Playing Church” Programs. Using their “Vain Traditions” of Men’s “Religious Venues”; who make Merchandise out of the Souls of Men! Professing to be Wise, they became Fools; and Changed the Glory of our Incorruptible God, into an Image made like unto Corruptible Man! As they Worshiped and Served the Creature, more than the Creator! So it goes in “Mystery Babylon” USA; Mother of Harlots, and Abominations of this Earth. Look Up, Redemption Draws Nigh! When you see these things coming to pass! Alleluia! Amen, and Amen! “Even So, Come Quickly LORD Jesus”, we Pray! God Bless, and Keep You All…monte

  4. Teresa

    I have read alot on Howard Browne but most from baptists etc who don’t believe in gifts in the 1st place. I am curious what’s wrong with him? Is it his doctrine? I know some people say God makes them laugh. I know that a person who has a weird manifestation doesn’t always mean it’s the pastors fault. I know that emotions get involved alot. Now I met a person who likes HB & gets angry if you reject him.
    Is he misusing a true gift? I’ve heard some say he’s hypnotizing people. I just don’t know. What do you think? Any help will be appreciated.

    • saltyforjesus

      If one is truly born again, one is born again by the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. The question arises about Mr. Browne’s ministry, because there are things that he claims and that he does that do not line up with the Truth, ie the Word of God, and therefore are not from the Holy Spirit of Truth.

      First of all, he claims that God has given him a special place as the “Holy Spirit ‘bartender'”. Let’s examine that statement. Nowhere in the Bible, do any of the prophets, patriarchs, judges of Israel, kings of Israel (even the wicked ones), neither the Lord Jesus Christ, nor any of the disciples, martyrs, saints in the New Testament mention this ‘special calling’ or ‘anointing’. The manifestations that go on in his meetings include (but are not limited to): barking, uncontrollable maniacal laughing, mocking, gyrations, etc. Do we see this in the Bible? Did the Lord Jesus Christ act this way? Or the disciples? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Why? Because it’s unholy, that’s why. God is holy! And He does not behave himself unseemly (God is love, love does not behave itself unseemly –1John 4:8; 1Cor. 13:5).

      Why do people flock to hear him, or go to his meetings? Is it the Word being preached, and lives being transformed by the Power of God (the Cross) or is it a lusting after a spiritual manifestation, regardless of whether or not it’s God? I would say it’s the latter. There were some who were interviewed at the last ‘revival’ in Lakeland and they were saying that they didn’t really care what he was preaching because the ‘Holy Spirit’ was there, etc. Look< I am all for the Holy Spirit presence, and all, but we can't trust our 'senses' to tell us if the Lord really showed up. God anoints His Word and preachers who are preaching His TRuth (like Bro. Swaggart, and Bro. Wilkerson to name a couple). And with the preaching of the Truth is a preaching AGAINST false doctrine and AGAINST sin, AGAINST the false spirit in the churches today, AGAINST hypocrisy, etc.
      TRue miracles, Holy Spirit miracles, (baptism with the Holy Spirit w/evidence of speaking in other tongues) is always 1-of the Spirit of Truth (from the preaching of the Word of God) 2-Holy 3-sometimes followed by persecution. Everytime Jesus healed someone, people wanted to kill Him!

      People flocked to Jesus after He performed miracles, and lives were transformed, sins forgiven. Did the people want their sins forgiven? Did they follow Jesus after that? NO! Go read John 8. They did not believe unto SALVATION, they lusted after the signs and wanted to take the Lord by force and make Him king. So having a “following” does not, I repeat, DOES NOT equate GOD's APPROVAL! God only approves of His Son: “this is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased” John 1. He only approves of His Holy Word being divided rightly.

      Browne claims and practices that once he puts his hands on someone, he can and does impart the 'Holy Spirit of laughter' or other such things to that person. So pastors were basically going to his meetings, receiving this 'impartation', and going back to their congregations and 'imparting' this spirit to others. Imparting 'a spirit' is not of God!!! This is something that witches do, pagans practice. We cannot impart any gift, calling or 'spirit' to anyone. We can pray that someone gets healed by laying on of hands. WE can lay hands (as in approval – in agreement with God) like the presbytery did for Timothy, but it's always with 'caution' and never about us 'imparting' anything to anyone!!!!

      If one looks at his claim/practice and lines it up with the Word, you will find that they do not line up. Is God against Himself?

      John the Baptist said that "one is coming after…who will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire" (John 1:33, Mat 3:11, Luke 3:16). So we know by the Word of God, that JESUS is the one and only ONE who baptizes anyone with the Holy Spirit and Fire. Also we see the Holy Spirit giving gifts unto the church, and the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church, calling some to be a part of the five fold ministry: apostle, prophet, evangelist, preacher, teacher.
      "Holy Spirit bartender" is not one of the five-fold callings.

      The most important and last point that I have to make is that these are the last days. Seducers will wax worse and worse. The spirit of anti-christ is already in this world and has been for a long time (2000 years now). The Word says that Satan is able to 'transform his ministers into ministers of 'righteousness'" ( 2Cor. 11:13-15) -ie wolves in sheep's clothing. Yes, Browne and others will mention Jesus Christ. I have heard this argument. So what? "For many shall come in my name…" I say: "Have you not read? Have you not heard?"

      2Co 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

      This verse is basically saying, “hey, if you wholeheartedly receive another spirit, despite the Spirit of Truth, etc, then you might as well go on with him, cause you are bound for hell–because you have rejected the truth, knowledge of the Truth (willful rejection of the Word of God/Spirit of God) for another counterfeit gospel/spirit.”

      A preacher of Righteousness stands up for the Word of God, the Truth, the Life the Way. His job is to point people to Jesus and confront the lies of the devil. Browne is a tool of Satan. If he was really a preacher, he would rebuke those devils in ‘his services’ and repent unto God. He has single handedly been used of Satan to bring the church in this country (almost single handedly anyway) to a whole new level of whoredom. He is going to hell, unless he repents. And those who follow him do not know what spirit he is of, or what spirit they are of. They need to REPENT!

      IF I were you, I would run from anything this man touches, preaches, etc. Honestly, it comes down to, ‘do you want to lose your soul?” I do not believe that God overlooks spiritual adultery and what Browne practices is really demonic ‘kundalini’. Look it up. Everything the child of God needs to know is in the Bible. If it does not line up with the Bible, or does not sit right with you, then it’s most likely not right. God will give you a ‘check’ in your spirit, to let you know when something is not right. But always check everything with the Word. Be like the Bereans and ask God to show you. He is faithful!

      Be willing to let your friend go, but pray for them that their eyes will be fully opened to the Truth, and that they will not lose their soul. Once you start to seek God for the Truth, you will find it, you will be blessed of the Lord (and your treasure will be in Heaven) but it comes with a cost. Understand this, that whatever the cost is in this life, nothing in this earth is worth your soul. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us, and He will never turn anyone away who truly comes to Him. He has also said that if we put our trust solely in Him, we will NEVER be ashamed. We will be so happy we chose to follow Him, the Truth, above all else and all things.

      I will be praying for you. God bless. < JESUS IS ABLE!!!!


  5. Teresa

    Hi again, Thank you for responding to my questions. Sorry I haven’t been able to respond(long story). I barely read your response late last night.

    I see what you’re saying. There’s just so much confusion out there & I want to make sure that I’m not slandering anyone.
    It gets especially confusing when some scriptures people use look like they can mean more than 1 thing.
    1 lady(not a Browne defender) i talked with said the Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind & strong wind will jerk you all over the place. Also the people baptized were accused of being drunk & that drunk people stagger around & laugh sometimes.

    Some people have told me a person can have a gift but be misusing it.

    Then there are alot of Browne defenders that do claim their lives have been changed etc…No way to know for sure.
    Well since I last wrote to you, I saw a video of him speaking in tongues with Ken Copeland back & forth to each other which everyone says is not biblical. I can’t find it in the bible so that settled my questions about them. More proof is that you say he doesn’t rebuke the barkers etc.

    I have read about kundalini but someone told me the devil sometimes mocks the things of God to get people to not accept the things of God. Example: baptists who don’t believe in gifts or the baptism of the Holy Spirit because some manifestations look similar.

    As far as being a berean, I read for days & hours with much prayer & finally ask questions when I seem to hit a dead end. I have a few big 1’s now i’m struggling with & i’m getting the urge to send them to Frances & Friends but I think i’ll do more research. I really do try to find answers before I ask things because I don’t want to be a pest.

    I pray we will not be deceived.

    I’ve been listening to JSM since march of last year & Wilkerson came to us “by accident” a friend brought by some of his pulpit series letters & i’ve been getting them ever since. I really enjoy both of them. They have a word right when I need it.

    Thanks again & God bless you.

  6. Crystal

    Dear Teresa,

    I am so glad to hear from you, and glad to hear that the Lord is showing you the truth about these things! Praise God! 🙂 Keep searching the scriptures and don’t listen to what people say, even those who seem to be ‘spiritual’. If what a person says does not line up with the Word of God, then it’s not of God. Also, remember that God is not the Author of Confusion. If there’s confusion, it’s a spirit that brings it, that’s the devil.

    I have to say this, that what was said, about the wind blowing people all over the place, I would say that’s not an accurate depiction of that day (Pentecost). That explanation is given just to give credence to what Browne teaches or others like him. That’s not how it works. We can’t make the scripture say something that it clearly does not say to buttress an unseemly act. Sin covered by religion is still sin.

    People filled with the Holy Spirit do NOT act like they are drunk. Period. They will dance in the Holy Spirit, cry, have joy (which does include laughter). Amen. But you can tell the difference between the joy of the Lord and maniacal, uncontrollable, hysterical laughing which interrupts the Word of God being preached. It’s out of order and wrong.

    Bro. Wilkerson preached about this same thing. You can watch a video of his preaching at

    He was preaching to a group of Russian Christians. It really hits the nail on the head.

    So glad that you are listening to Frances & Friends. Keep watching Sonlife and reading and studying God’s Holy Word. God will show you, just seek His face. Don’t take anyone’s word for it, when discussing these things because ultimately all of this must be discerned by the Spirit of God and through His Truth.

    Love you Teresa! I will keep you in my prayers.

    God bless!


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